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Our avocados are grown and packed in Mexico in newly built facilities. Our growers offer the best quality product available. Like any perishable product, every detail is extremely important to ensure that our products will reach the shelves around the world as if it has been harvested a yesterday.

Our HPP avocado pulp is 100% avocado product pasteurized under high pressure, with a silky texture and avocado chunks. It can be used as a basis for making guacamole, dressing, as raw material for the manufacture of other products such as sauces, ice cream and beverages or desserts according to the customer's preference.


Its 100% Pure Avocado Oil. Non-GMO, expeller-pressed, and naturally refined to give you a neutral taste without any additives. The end result is a smooth, rich avocado oil that’s ideal for cooking, baking, finishing, and even skincare.

Food innovation !!!
Our 100% natural freeze-dried guacamole is one of the most innovative food products the world has seen in recent times.
We apply our patented freeze-drying process to create an authentic Mexican guacamole recipe that suits the world's padalar.

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