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Avocado OIL 
Expeller Pressed.

Its 100% Pure Avocado Oil. Non-GMO, expeller-pressed, and naturally refined to give you a neutral taste without any additives. The end result is a smooth, rich avocado oil that’s ideal for cooking, baking, finishing, and even skincare.


Avocado oil is one of few edible oils not derived from seeds

Avocado oil has gained a great deal of attention due to its minimal processing and health benefits. Like many healthy fats, the oil is rich in omega-3s and fatty acids. These compounds are incredibly beneficial to hair, skin, and nail health. Avocado oil is often formulated into moisturizers and emollients for the both the hair and skin. Avocado oil can also be used to keep household items- like wooden furniture and utensils shiny and supple.

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