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Avocado Pulp

Our HPP avocado pulp is 100% avocado product pasteurized under high pressure, with a silky texture and avocado chunks.

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The best way to produce the Freshest Avocado Pulp

The avocado processing market has increased substantially in recent years and its value is expected to increase from US $ 1.70 billion in 2019 to US $ 2.70 billion in 2024, with guacamole, frozen slices, sauces, puree, canned avocados, dehydrated avocados, and avocado oil being the most important avocado products in the global market.

This market generates high quantities of byproducts, with peels being one of the most abundant, representing around 14% of fruit weight.

with our High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) process we are solving the challenging issue during thermal processing of avocado pulp to avoid the development of a bitter off taste, keeping the fresh flavor.

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