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Fresh Avocados 

Our avocados are of the HASS variety, available throughout the year in different volumes.

Our fields are distributed at different heights which allow us to have a harvest throughout the year, always guaranteeing the best quality and size. The seasons of top production are from August to February (depending on the year weather conditions).

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Why is Mexican Avocado the world's best?

Mexico  has unique weather conditions, along with fields of fertile lands.The Region has become the largest producer in Latin America and is one of the biggest exporters in the world. The key to becoming the world’s capital for avocado is the combination of several factors:
  • Ideal weather year-round
  • Equitable rainfall
  • Top Soil conditions
  • Strategic Geographic Location
  • Proximity to mayor Seaports and Airports
Some of these conditions allow Michoacán to be the only place where avocado has up to 4 blooms per year, when the rest of the regions of the world that produce avocados has up to 2 per year.
Our avocados are packed in  Mexico in newly built facilities. Our growers offer the best quality product available from Michoacán.
Like any perishable product, every detail is extremely important to ensure that our products will reach the shelves around the world as if it has been harvested a few miles away.
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Our  Process 

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Product Handling & Packaging

We are aware of the importance of protecting the product during storage and transfer to its final destination for both the domestic and overseas markets through the use of different materials.

This is why we manufacture our packaging with rigorous methods and best materials to ensure its integrity. After the classification process, the avocados are carefully placed in the different packages, mainly cardboard boxes and plastic boxes.Once packed, they are sent to the cooling chambers for storage, pre-cooling and subsequent loading in truck for transport.

We are committed to our processes and products to offer packaging solutions to our customers.


Our Packing Boxes options are:

  • Generic Branded Boxes

  • Custom Branded Boxes

  • Carton Box

  • Plastic Box



Available Avocado Weight, Size and Caliber


When packed, avocados are sized into categories based upon the weight of a single fruit.

These sizes are named according to the number of fruit from each size category needed to fill a 25-pound carton. The country's specific caliber code is indicated in the cart for easier reference.

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