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 Our Company at a Glance.

Our Story

We are a Mexican company, dedicated to the production, selection and commercialization of top of the line produce in Mexico's Premium agribusiness industry.

Our goal is to offer top quality alternatives to the international markets to benefit the final customer by providing top produce at the lowest cost. We are dedicated to boost the export of Mexican products to the world. Always exceeding your expectations, guaranteeing freshness, size, and the tailor-made solution to meet time to market and destinations.


We customize each proposal according to the needs of our clients.

Global avocados and Fruits Division evokes the magic and origin of the countryside, transporting us to a natural and honest Mexico, the origin, the authentic, like our products


 2021 Sustainability Highlights

We strive to become an ever more sustainable company by maximizing the positive impact we have on all our stakeholder groups while minimizing our negative impact throughout the value chain.


We seek to be characterized by our passion, integrity, entrepreneurialism and innovative spirit, as we fulfill our vision.

Our certifications

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